Florjančič tisk d.o.o. has been growing into a successful and efficient printing company since its establishment.


Florjančič tisk d.o.o. was established in 1992 and enrolled in trade register at District court of Maribor on 13. April 1992.Florjančič tisk d.o.o. has been growing into a successful and efficient printing company since its establishment.

In line with requirements of Slovenian and particularly European market, the company developed a high level of organization, technology, machine park and chooses modern trade channels.

Based on its income and number of employees, Florjančič tisk d.o.o.  is a medium sized printing company.


  • High standards
  • Fast reactions
  • Modern technology


With our books&magazines and commercial graphics production program, we manage a part of Slovenian market along with achieving successful sales rates on European market.

Company mission is manufacture of quality products and providing best services that fulfill expectations of our most demanding customers.

The most important part of production process is constant quality monitoring in all production phases. For this purpose, our company uses high level of self-assessment in production processes.

Providing quality services and products are preconditioned with an efficient technological and production processes supported with use of high quality materials, services and equipment. Our purchase policy is oriented towards providing up to date technology and materials alongside with permanent monitoring and assessment of our suppliers.

With the new printing facility and fresh investments in technology and development, we aim to meet demands of the modern market.

In future, we plan to increase our market share on domestic and international markets based on added competitiveness, supported by continuous search for suitable solutions in quality and cost-efficiency management.

Florjančič tisk d.o.o. conducts business in a successful way. Alongside with delivering quality products and services, we daily measure satisfaction and monitor of our business partners’ experience. These actions demand constant cost management, fast responsiveness to market changes and most important- quality realization and on-time products delivery.

The company is exposed to large market competition pressures, which are handled by constantly examining customers’ needs and seeking opportunities to launch new products and services. In order to achieve these goals, our company remains fully customer oriented adjusting our service & products ’features to fulfill customers’ needs, and stays up to date with industry trends.

Requirements and expectations of our customers are growing from year to year. Customers expect our offer of products and services to be of high quality and within competitive range. For this reason, we put great emphasis on conducting our own market research and segmentation, sales activities, defining our target groups and involve other supportive marketing activities.

We upgrade our quality products and service offer with professionalism and kindness of our employees of whom we are especially proud.

Based on this short description of our company we can say the printing facility holds a lot for the future in terms of production and sales.

As always, the real validation is shown by well-done work and through new and increased orders.

Together with you, Florjančič tisk d.o.o. will continue to strengthen and grow in this manner- a family run business at its most positive meaning.